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Fakeeh care nursing strives to improve well-being through the provision of compassionate, integrated and innovative health care.


Transforming lives through clinical excellence, compassionate care, health education and research.


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CNO Message
Dear Fakeeh. Care Nursing Colleagues, Patients, Families and community
It is my pleased to share with you our shared governance model which connect our nurses to our overall nursing and Fakeeh.
Care vision. Our shared governance model allows front-line nurses and nurse leaders to share in the decision-making process around issues that impact nursing practice. Through this structure, our nurses are empowered to share in the use and implementation of innovation, evidence-based strategies and collaboration to influence clinical practice.
This structure ultimately improves our patient and nurse experiences, thereby creating a safe and healthy practice environment.

Journey to Magnet

A boost to professionalism among Fakeeh Care nurses

Late in 2018, nurses at Fakeeh Care Group, began the journey to attain a higher level of professionalism during the 4th Fakeeh Care Group Nursing Symposium “Magnet – The Power to Empower”. On this journey – whose ultimate goal is to earn Magnet® recognition – Working together, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) and the entire Nursing Administration charted the course for our destination, discussed the 14 forces of Magnetism and determined what would be needed to create the “travel plan” for our journey. The travel plan, road map, and process-improvement principles would help us steer a smoother course toward achieving and sustaining the culture changes that would create a higher level of professionalism among our nurses.

Journey Preparation

As part of our planning, the nurse leaders studied the Shared Governance Concept: A Practical Approach to Reshaping Professional Nursing Practice which is “an evidence-based management model of shared decision-making based on the principles of partnership, equity, accountability and ownership at the point of service.” This definition, helped nursing leaders determine how to put the new model into action.

The First Stop

A steering committee was formed. It included the CNO, Multidisciplinary members, the nurse leaders, bedside nurses who’d been identified as strong leaders with a passion for promoting the nursing profession, and the nurses who would become chairpersons for the UBCs. Once the steering committee helped develop the shared governance model, it launched the quality and practice improvement, work environment Improvement, Innovation / EBP and Research, Budget and Resource Utilization, Professional development and Patient Engagement, Magnet Champion and Executive Nursing Quality and Operation councils. Each nursing department elected representatives to the councils accordingly. The mission of the “UBCs” includes getting nurses to explore the use of new nursing models and nurse empowerment. Steering committee members provided support for nurse managers to help staff deal with anger, anxiety, and resistance.

Magnet Champion Take The Lead

Nurses do great work every day – it’s all about helping others and as a Magnet Champion, it is our responsibility to help make staff feel good about their work. Magnet Champions are designated staff RNs from all patient care areas that to facilitate, enhance and promote an atmosphere of excellence that leads to a Magnet culture. These dedicated nurses will ensure that colleagues are getting the Magnet related information and answers that they need to feel comfortable supporting the journey. The Magnet Champions serves as practice leaders, role models, and advocates for nursing excellence. We as Magnet Champions, who are going to bring nursing to the center of the shared governance system where nurses have a greater voice. We are the “bridge” an organization uses to bring information to staff about the Magnet process.

Engaging the nursing staff

Steering committee members provided support for nurse managers to help staff deal with anger, anxiety, and resistance. Ongoing education boosted their engagement in the Magnet journey, and helped them better understand the goal Council chairpersons were selected, and received guidance to help them understand their role, as well as training on how to conduct meetings, set agendas, write minutes, conduct basic research, and critique articles.

Virtual Kickoff celebration

Fakeeh Care Group celebrated a special event “Magnet Virtual Kick off” to increase staff nurses’ knowledge and understanding of the Magnet Designation, shared governance model, the role of Magnet champion and UBCs.

Living the philosophy of nursing

With the collaborative shared governance model in place, Fakeeh Care nurses now have a new destination—the Pathway to Excellence® program, “Magnet Designation”.
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