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Undergraduates & Clinical Training

Fakeeh care is providing clinical training opportunities for medical, paramedical and non-medical students and graduates.

  Trainees will be accepted based on departmental needs, capacity and available learning opportunities.
  Academic & Training Affairs will coordinate all aspects of the training process.
  Trainees shall abide by all Fakeeh care policies and procedures.
  Academic & Training Affairs will coordinate the duration and content of the program in conjunction with the Host department and trainee or training institution.
  Every trainee will be given an orientation to the hospital. All trainees will be given a trainee orientation handbook by the Academic & Training Affairs.
  Every department will have a structured training program for their trainees.
  The working hours for all trainees will be Sundays to Thursdays 08:00 to 17:00 unless otherwise stated.
  All departments will have an orientation checklist for trainees.
  Every trainee will complete the orientation checklist for their department.
  The Director of the Host department is responsible for ensuring that trainees are given an orientation to their department.
  Every trainee will be assigned a supervisor from their host training department during their training period.
  Trainees will perform all duties/care under the supervision of a qualified member of staff.
  Attendance and timekeeping of the trainees will be monitored by each host department in conjunction with the Academic Affairs Division.
  Each trainee will be given an evaluation by the Director of the host department with input from their supervisor.
  All trainees will follow the Fakeeh care dress code policy.
  All trainees will attend Staff Health for Healthcare screening. It is the responsibility of the Staff Health Physician to inform the Academic Affairs Division if a trainee cannot continue with training due to the results of healthcare screening.
  The human Capital Management is responsible for issuing temporary ID badges to trainees. If a trainee loses their ID badge, the policy of DSFH related to loss of ID badge will apply.
  Trainees will report to the Education and training Department for program clearance procedures
  All trainees will be issued with training certificates after successful completion of their training.
  Training certificates will not be released until clearance procedures are completed.
  Any request for changes to training program e.g. extension must be submitted to The Academic & Training Affairs in writing.
  Any sponsoring institution or trainee who wishes to cancel the training must do so in writing addressing the letter to The Education and training Department.
  The Academic & Training Affairs will inform the sponsoring institution of the completion of the training program and send them a copy of the trainee’s evaluation.
  Fakeeh care reserves the right to ask trainees to withdraw from training for violation of hospital policies.
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