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Fakeeh College for Medical Sciences

Fakeeh.Care is well aware of the importance of healthcare staff quality in industry and spends a tremendous effort to educate the best talents. Fakeeh College for Medical Sciences is another important initiative of Fakeeh.Care.

Established in 2003 to provide the best quality in health by providing Saudi cadres in nursing specialization and medical sciences as well and for applying the self-dependence and Saudization concept to develop effective professional health care providers and to provide different specialties to Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital.

Fakeeh College of Medical Sciences is committed to the continuous improvement and the devotion to meet the highest standards of academic accreditation. Academic and training programs have been carefully designed to meet the health sector’s demand.

The college has been educating Nurses and Medical Laboratory Scientists who are very popular around the industry for their excellent training and on site internship experience.








  • PO Box 2537 Jeddah 21461, Saudi Arabia
  • Telephone : +920012777
              FAX: 966 12 6604332
  • Email: