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Fakeeh Complementary Healthcare

Fakeeh Complementary Healthcare Services (FCHC), a member of Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Medical Group, is the representative of globally known medical supplies brands and also operating retail outlets for optical and derma patients to offer convenience to the community.

FCHC Company was established in 2006 primarily catering to the needs of Fakeeh Care. In 2008 FCHCo started providing to other business local market as well. 

FCHC is now headquartered in Jeddah with a branch in Riyadh.

The Company deals with Cosmeceutical products, Eyewear, Medical Equipment and Instruments, Medical Supplies and Pharmaceuticals.

FCHC is the exclusive agent, owner, authorized distributor, and reseller in The Kingdom for many prestigious international brand products.

  • Fakeeh Complementary Healthcare
, Falasteen Main Street, Al-Hamra District,
 P.O. Box 2537, Jeddah 21461,
 Saudi Arabia

  • Telephone : +920012777
              FAX: 966 12 6637989
  • Email: