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KAEC Family Medical Center

KAEC Clinic opened in 2010 to serve KAEC community, it is currently operated by Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital with primary care specialty.

Transfer to any other healthcare facility is available for emergency cases.

Emergency care is based on a triage system that prioritizes care provision based on a triage system.

All KAEC clinic’s medical staff members are qualified and come with certified practice, up-to-date knowledge and experience in international organizations

since Serving Over Residents
2010 70 Companies 3.000



Serving Over

70 Companies



  • King Abdullah Economic City PO. Box 8299 Jeddah KSA 21482 Jeddah Saudi Arabia
  • Telephone : +966 12 5106390
              FAX: 966 59 3259206
  • Email: