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Olympia The Sports Arena

Olympia was established in 1999 as, Fakeeh.Care’s Health Promotion Center. It served, as well, many patients of Fakeeh Care for rehabilitation.

As the center started to be known for its professional team, Olympia became the largest and most successful fitness center in the Kingdom. 

Olympia, the first example of a medically supported gym and spa, aims at offering a healthy lifestyle to all its members with the highest standards, state of the art facilities, an expert team and a warm atmosphere.

Olympia’s aim is to continuously offer the “preeminent” solution to meet a customer’s needs.

Olympia offers a healthy movement, both, physically and mentally. These, together, are much needed to achieve better results.

The 6th and 9th floors of The Head Quarters Business Park, are a true escape to a breathtaking view of the Red Sea; Olympia is equipped with the latest technology, the best equipment and a fancy, relaxing space.

Luxurious setting, ample parking, smooth access are the key components to Olympia’s exquisite offering which is delivered with a warm welcome in state of the art facilities. 

Offering tailor made programs to match member lifestyles addressing both male and female members. 

VIP services and treatment are offered to our clients, satisfying their need for ultimate luxury.