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Our goal at DSFH is to provide advanced service and the best care possible to our patients. Hence, we are committed to work with the best consultants & doctors around the world to provide the ultimate medical treatment and knowledge This page helps you find any Doctor by specialty

 Dr Hisham Ezzedin
Maxillofacial Consultant
Dental and Maxillofacial
 Dr. Mohamed Shawkat
Specialist, Opthalmology
 Dr. Mohammed Hasanain
Doctor of Chiropractic
Chiropractic Medicine
 Dr. Abdulrahman Algarni
Consultant urology, Laparoscopy & Endourology
 Dr. Aboussaad Ouahioune
Senior Specialist, Dental and Endodontic
Dental and Maxillofacial
 Dr. Adel Abdulkader Tash
Consultant, Cardiac Surgery, Heart Failure and Transplant Surgery
Cardiac surgery
 Dr. Afnan Hafez Essam Eldin
Consultant, Adult Pulmonologist and Sleep medicine
Internal Medicine
 Dr. Ahmad Aref Al-Dessoukey
Consultant, Urology
 Dr. Ahmed Abdelhakim
Consultant, Dermatology
 Dr. Ahmed Ali Abdeldayem
Resident, Hyperbaric oxygen and diving medicine
Hyperbaric O2 Service
 Dr. Ahmed Khamis Ali Bamaga
Consultant, Pediatric, Pediatric Neurology, Neuromuscular and Neuro immunology
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