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Our goal at DSFMC is to provide advanced service and the best care possible to our patients. Hence, we are committed to work with the best consultants & doctors around the world to provide the ultimate medical treatment and knowledge This page helps you find any Doctor by specialty

 Dr. Mona Abbas Matouk
Consultant, Dermatology
 Dr.Marwan Al-Hejili
Consultant hematology and oncology
 Dr. Lubna Hafiz
Consultant, Family medicine
Family Medicine
 Dr. Ekan Ahmed
Specialist, Internal Medicine and Geriatric
Internal Medicine
 Dr. Ahmed Aljohaney
Consultant, Pulmonology and Interventional Pulmonary
Internal Medicine
 Dr. Aqeel Najjar
Consultant, E.N.T
 Dr. Hussein Barayan
Consultant, Vascular Surgery and Endovascular
Vascular Surgery
 Dr. Fadel Mahdi
Consultant, Pediatric
 Dr. Mohammed Badri
Consultant, General Surgery & Laparoscopic Surgery
General Surgery
 Dr. Areej Guoziz
Senior Specialist, Ophthalmology and Glankome/ Oculoplastic
 Dr. Faisal Kashgari
Consultant, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Urogynecology
Obstetrics & Gynecology
 Dr. Yazeed Khojah
Consultant, Family Medicine and Geriatrics
Family Medicine
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