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Fakeeh Care Group Nursing

About Fakeeh Care Group Nursing


Fakeeh care nursing strives to improve well-being through the provision of compassionate, integrated and innovative health care.


Transforming lives through clinical excellence, compassionate care, health education and research.


  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Compassion
  • Social responsibility
  • Integrity

  • Nursing Division Strategic Goals
  • Nursing Structural Empowerment
  • Nursing Operational Excellence
  • Enhance Person Centered Care Approach

  • Fakeeh Care Group CNO Message
    Dear Fakeeh. Care Nursing Colleagues, Patients, Families and community
    It is my pleasure to share with you our shared governance model which connect our nurses to our overall nursing and Fakeeh Care vision.
    Our shared governance model allows front-line nurses and nurse leaders to share in the decision-making process around issues that impact nursing practice. Through this structure, our nurses are empowered to share in the use and implementation of innovation, evidence-based strategies and collaboration to influence clinical practice.
    This structure ultimately improves our patient and nurse experiences, thereby creating a safe and healthy practice environment.

    Fakeeh Care Nursing Shared Governance

    Fakeeh Care Group Journey to Magnet
    Fakeeh Care nursing uses the leadership concept of shared governance. Nurses must be empowered in order to care for their patients and have faith in their abilities. Nursing practitioners are familiar with and use the notion of collaboration. Nurse leaders work with their staff to develop, train, and execute new patient-care processes. This method includes collaboration, problem-solving, and accountability, with the ultimate goal of improving employee happiness, productivity, and patient outcomes.
    All nursing decisions are shared with all nursing members, which is another part of shared governance. This doesn’t just apply to nursing; it also applies to sharing information with other members of the healthcare team for the benefit of the patient. The overarching goal behind this empowerment is to improve nursing practice.


    Fakeeh Care’s shared governance model is an organizational structure in which clinical nurses have a say in nursing practice, standards, and care quality
  • To provide high-quality nursing care to patients who are admitted to or treated at any of Fakeeh Care’s facilities, departments, or services.
  • Encourage nurses to participate in initiatives that promote excellence in patient care, education, and scientific research.
  • To establish a channel or system for effective communication among members of the Nursing Shared Governance.
  • To improve inter-professional collaboration
  • To encourage nursing professional development.
  • To advance professional knowledge and expertise in nursing care by promoting clinical competency and basic research.
  • To promote the presence and voice of nurses in national healthcare problems.
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