About the Center

Patient teaching center PTC:

Center to educate the community & our patients and their families in order to promote positive changes in their knowledge, beliefs or behaviors and improve quality of live

PTC scope of services:

Educating the patients and their families: The educators are responsible to see and educate all patients who will refer from the floors (in patient words) or from the out patient clinics (from physicians). Conducting and organizing the awareness campaigns & lectures which will help to raise level of education of the community. Printing educational materials and distribute it on hospital waiting areas. In addition, to be post those materials in the hospital websites. Responsible for quizzes of the month on hospital website.

Locating of the clinic & timing:

  • PTC clinic is in the 3rd floor building 1
  • Working hour: from 8am to 8pm every day except Friday.

Services provided in the clinic:

Proper education to the patients and their families about the diseases, management and how to deal with critical situation. Some of the topics that we are educate about it:
  • Diabetes (type 1& 2 and GDM)
  • Health education: HTN, renal diseases, cardiac rehabilitation, respiratory education, growth hormone awareness ………….etc
Giving items to the patients for free: glucometer, insulin bag, growth hormone device……etc
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