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What is the Fakeeh.Care aspiring to be?

The Group has developed strategic objectives and initiatives to achieve its target expansion goals by 2020. Fakeeh.Care is aiming to be a leading integrated healthcare services provider in MENA. One of the main goals is to enhance clinical outcomes and patient experience. Our facilities are going to be the first destination for healthcare services. Fakeeh.Care is going to be geographically diversified with a growing footprint in UAE – to become a regional integrated healthcare services provider including a focus on medical academia and training.

Fakeeh.Care is a highly recognized brand in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia that has been successfully operating for almost four decades. A significant portion of group’s strategy is to leverage the existing footprint and brand in Jeddah and expand its existing services and to expand into untapped segment market. 

This will allow Fakeeh.Care to:

Drive above-average business growth of the existing and new businesses and reduces payback period. Enhance the hospital’s utilization by capturing on referrals coming through the new businesses e.g. primary care sites.

Fakeeh.Care has identified growth opportunities that are not adequately serviced currently and include homecare services, diabetes centers, fitness centers, executive clinics and healthcare project management. These opportunities usually exist on a stand-alone basis that are not available at hospitals.

Fakeeh.Care rationale for selecting such areas are:

These areas need geographical penetration that will help the visibility of the brand.

They have growing demand with limited market supply.

They have potential to create referral synergies to the Group

There are high rates of non-communicable diseases (“NCDs”) in the GCC caused by unhealthy lifestyle including lack of focus on health prevention and chronic diseases management, increasing obesity rates etc.

Fakeeh.Care is planning to establish eight Medical Home centers, six in Jeddah and two in Makkah.

The thinking behind FMCs are?

Diversification into broader insurance categories, which are not currently covered by the Group’s services.

FMCs are expected to create substantial referrals to the main hospital for secondary and tertiary care Fakeeh.Care is planning to apply the FMCs model in the UAE in the future.

Academia as a key pillar to underpin growth

Medical academia has been identified as one of the key pillar to underpin potential growth for Fakeeh.Care. A hospital university model will enhance the prestige and reputation of the Group.

This will encourage physicians and patients, especially those who are looking for distinguished healthcare services, to participate with the Group.  In addition, it secures supply of well trained staff and will create a local clinical talent pool, which will support the core businesses growth.

UAE expansion

A key pillar of Fakeeh.Care growth strategy is to geographically diversify its business and future growth beyond Saudi Arabia. It was decided to expand into Dubai due to its stable regulations and a developed infrastructure.

Fakeeh.Care will build a hospital and medical university in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) to establish its brand in UAE and provide a unique smart hospital for the region in collaboration with a highly regarded medical teaching hospital from London, UK.

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