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Social Office

Social service department and Charity office

Social service department:
We believe in the importance of the existing connection between the departments and services in Dr Soliman Fakeeh hospital and therefore the department of social service is concerned with reinforcing this connection throughout the cooperation of the social service specialists with the medical staff whereas our social service specialists perform treatment for sociological problems that patients face and help them to relieve their suffering according to the highest quality standards with all passion and sympathy and exploiting all the means of treatment to achieve recovery as soon as possible because we are still committed to look after you since 1978.
Our main services that we provide include: –
  • ensuring integration and cooperation with the medical staff to serve patients according to the treatment plan in order to guarantee the medical and social care for them.
  • Psychological and sociological assessments for patients and their families in case they face any difficulties or problems that might affect the treatment plan while they are in the hospital.
  • Comprehensive psychological and sociological support for the patient in case they reject diagnosis and treatment.
  • Supporting patients and their families in the decision making process in case they reject medical procedure.
  • Providing special care services for patients of ( Hemodialysis – Special needs – Critical cases ).
  • Contributing in social awareness and enlightenment for the patients and their families to overcome psychological and sociological effects of the disease.
  • Providing economical, sociological and psychological services associated with medical care.
  • Protecting and guiding those who are exposed to violence and harassment by referring them to the competent authorities.
  • Training university students of social service departments who are obliged to train in hospitals.
Charity office : –
In Soliman Fakeeh hospital we care about the community throughout the humanity approach towards our communities. Our charity programs include social responsibility in the core of its goals and values and within this vision we commence in methodical and institutional programs which are similar to a bridge between other authorities and charity foundations who are ready to help the patients who face financial problems to receive the treatment they need by referring them to these authorities after performing a sociological and financial assessment for patients and their families. The charity treatment office in the hospital is registered and licensed by Makkah Province Emirate and the Ministry of Social Affairs.
For more information don’t hesitate to call social service office: –
Dr.Soliman Fakeeh hospital – building 2 – floor 6 Phone : +966920012777 ext : 6605-6602
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