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Our goal at FMH is to provide advanced service and the best care possible to our patients. Hence, we are committed to work with the best consultants & doctors around the world to provide the ultimate medical treatment and knowledge This page helps you find any Doctor by specialty

 Dr. Abbas babker
Specialist, General Dentist
Dental and Maxillofacial
 Dr.Ahmed Mostafa Abdelrahman
Specialist, Orthopedics
 Dr. Abeer Alattar
Specialist, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Obstetrics & Gynecology
 Dr. Asra Nasser
Specialist, Dermatology
 Dr.Anas Mostafa Alhajzen
specialist, Pediatric
 Dr. Karema Almahdy
General Dentist
Dental and Maxillofacial
 Dr.Molham Jaber Maalla
Specialist, Opthalmology
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