Dr. Ali Mohammad Refai ( 18 years experience )

  Consultant, Family medicine 
Family Medicine 

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Dr. Ali is a Physician Consultant in Family Medicine Department at Doctor Soliman Fakeeh Hospital (DSFH). Where his primary area of specialization focuses on:

  • Giving broad spectrum consultations on heath care for the all family members,
  • Expanding, adult male and female and paediatric as a whole family, management of acute illness,
  • Early diagnosis and management of chronic diseases and follow up such as diabetes mellitus,
  • Screening for disease and cancers such as breast and prostate cancer screening, Vaccinations for all ages.
  • Studies

    Dr. Ali was graduated from Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece (AUTH) in 1990 as Medical Doctor and worked in Royal medical services. He was sent in 1995 to the USA, San Antonio Tx , SAM School to study aviation medicine , where he obtained high diploma in Aviation Medicine, then certified as specialist in Family Medicine Specialty by Jordanian Medical Counsel in 2002 after 4 years of Family Medicine Training in Jordanian Royal Medical Services, after then he passed the examination of Jordanian Board of Family Medicine which consisted in 2 parts basic and clinical. Dr Ali attended many courses in family health planning and vaccinations through the UN missions.


  • Fellow, Royal medical Services 1991,
  • Member, Jordanian Medical Association 1991,
  • Member, Jordanian Medical Counsel , Jordanian Board in Family Medicine 1991,
  • Member, Aerospace Medical Association, USA, Tx, San Antonio , Diploma in aviation Medicine 1995,
  • Member, Jordanian Society of Family Medicine 2002,
  • Member, Aviation Medical Board , Jordan 2013,
  • Member, Saudi Counsel for Health Specialties, 2017 ,
  • Saudi MOH permanent license to practice family medicine 2018 , Member, Royal Medical Services Journal 2019
  • Work Experience

    Dr. Ali and after passing the examination of Jordanian Medical Association Certificate for permanent registration as Licensed Doctor in Jordan in 1991 , served in various roles at Jordanian Royal Medical Services as General Practitioner in Royal Jordanian Airforce Medical Center in Amman of Jordan since 1992 until 1996 where he started his residency program in Family Medicine. During his tenure, he acted as family medicine resident for 4 years then associate specialist then specialist at Jordanian Royal Medical Services until 2015 he was retired from RMS. Dr. Ali was named as board examiner in family medicine and aviation medicine in Jordan Jordan Medical association during the period of 2013-2016. He is working as consultant in family medicine in DSFH since 2017 till now.


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